Importance Of Hygiene And Healthy Habits In Your Life!

A mother takes care of her child and makes sure her child doesn’t face any health related issues. And to do so, she takes care of hygiene factors as well as teaches healthy habits. But with the time we grow up we forget her lessons and get caught in many health issues. Then the time comes when a doctor suggests same things and then we again start following same forgotten stuffs.

Choose Healthy Food

Be very careful while going to eat as it alone is very strong influencer to impact your overall health. Exclude saturated and trans fat form your food to stay away from high blood pressure or cholesterol. Also, avoid excess of sweets or soft drinks to manage healthy sugar level in the body. Incorporate organic food in on your dinner table.

Get Some Exercise

In order to get true benefits of exercise it’s necessary to do it in a right way. So now when you go for the exercise make sure you start the regimen with stretching and finish it off with stretching as well. Gentle stretching warms up your muscle and relaxes when you end  the session.

3-5 Times A Week To Go To The Gym

It’s enough to workout for half an hour to maximum of an hour. Also, combine cardio and strength gain workouts to gain maximum results from the workouts. Make sure you go for a moderate walk for at least 30 minute. You can make it easy by taking your dog with you. Note, daily house keeping and a high density gardening are in concluded in rigorous daily activity.

Remember Good Hygiene

  1. Don’t let the sweat accumulate on your body. Shower again if you’re indulged in an activity that wet you with sweat.
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day and don’t forget to floss them after brushing. As it prevents gum problems and the heart diseases.
  3. Do scrub your feet between the toes to make it clean and soft. Also, it keeps the bad order at bay.
  4. Always wear neat and clean cloths.


Think what if we keep following her instructions, we’ll never fall sick or so. So I just want to end this article by concluding that health should be your priority. No matter what but once you take resolution for a particular diet plan or any healthy regimen. This is the first requirement for a successful health program. Also, once you’re habituated to that plan don’t get bored instead try to maintain to prevent unhealthy habits bounce back in your life.…